Sending you my warmest HUG.

DO you love giving hugs to other people or to those who are really close to your heart? If you do, try to send them one now. 🙂

Well, hugging a person is not being clingy, it is actually wanting to share  the beauty of living a wonderful life with someone. Here are 8 reasons why we should try to give other people a hug as much as possible:

1. Hugs can instantly boost oxytocin levels, which heal feelings of loneliness, isolation, and anger.
2. Holding a hug for an extended time lifts one’s serotonin levels, elevating mood and creating happiness.
3. Hugging relaxes muscles. Hugs release tension in the body. Hugs can take away pain; they soothe aches by increasing circulation into the soft tissues.
4. Hugging boosts self-esteem. All the nurturing touch of a hug since we were little are still embedded in our nervous system until we become adults. Hugs, therefore, connect us to our ability to self love.
5. Hugs are so much like meditation and laughter. They teach us to let go and be present in the moment. They encourage us to flow with the energy of life. Hugs get you out of your circular thinking patterns and connect you with your heart and your feelings and your breath.
6.  A hug builds trust and a sense of safety. It also let other people feel a sense of belonging.
7. The energy exchange between the people hugging is an investment in the relationship. It encourages empathy and understanding.
8. Hugs teach us how to give and receive. There is equal value in receiving and being receptive to warmth, as to giving and sharing. Hugs educate us how love flows both ways.

“We need four hugs a day for survival. We need eight hugs a day for maintenance. We need twelve hugs a day for growth.”  – Virginia Satir

If you send one hug now, surely you’ll receive one back. So, start sending now!


I just did! Mind if you give me at least 4 hugs a day for survival? I’d love to receive it from youuu!


Little Girl


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